Business Owners – The Yellow Pages are Dead!!

It’s a new day in the world of business!  Social Media is critical to your success.  If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Google Plus, it is going to be difficult for your customers to find you.  Having an internet presence is essential because of how younger customers search for goods and services.

As a school principal 10-15 years ago, I remember telling my teaching staff that we needed to prepare our students for a world that did not yet exist. Times were rapidly changing, and teaching problem solving and analytical thinking skills were crucial. That was before apps and all the Social Media tools that exist today.

My words and predictions came home to me when our own son and daughter landed their jobs in the marketing field in social media.  Both are college graduates in their 20’s.

The Millennials operate in a digital world, and the next generation is even more reliant on their devices.  The Yellow Pages and the phone book are dead!  Small business owners need to jump on the social media bandwagon or risk being left behind.  Social Media Marketing consultants are springing up everywhere today, and finding a good one can make all the difference in the future health of your business.

Dan Meyer


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